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Located in the heart of the Tonto National Forest in East/Central Arizona, Globe and it's close neighbor Miami are Old-West mining towns with spectacular mountain vistas and an ideal year-round climate.

Copper mining, cattle ranching, and tourism are the main economic forces in the area. Globe boasts a quaint downtown business district with shops, theaters and restaurants. Outdoor recreation opportunities abound with fishing and water sports at Roosevelt Lake (25 miles) and San Carlos Lake (20 miles), white-water rafting on the Salt River, and hunting on the world famous San Carlos Apache Reservation.

         Downtown Globe, AZ

Globe/Miami offers a "small-town" lifestyle, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Phoenix (80 miles west) and Tucson (100 miles south) are within easy driving distance for those occasions when the amenities of a "Big City" are required.

One of the real charms of the community is it's history. Beginning with the Salado Indians in 1100 A.D. to the Golden Age of the West from 1870 to 1920 to the present day, Globe has played a significant role in the History of Arizona. A visit to the Gila County Historical Museum or the Besh-Ba-Gowa ruins or the Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Globe will convince any visitor of what a special place this is.

The Old Dominion mine was the principal copper producer in the Globe District. In retirement, the old mine workings serve as the water supply for Globe-Miami and the district mines. Photo courtesy of Jerry Willis.
       In 1875, prospectors found silver in the San Carlos Apache Reservation, including an unusual globe-shaped silver nugget. In just four years, the silver began to give out, but by then copper deposits were discovered. In the 1900s, the Old Dominion Copper Company in Globe ranked as one of the world's richest. The Old Dominion closed in 1931 and mining operations moved to nearby Miami.  Globe's economy remains heavily dependent on the mining industry, and as of 2008 the city was home to one of the few operating copper smelters in the United States.

Climate: Globe has a semi-arid climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Globe's arid climate is tempered by its elevation, leading to  cooler temperatures and more precipitation than Phoenix or Tucson.  Summers in Globe are warm, with daytime highs generally between 90 °F (32 °C) and 100 °F (38 °C). High temperatures topping 100 °F (38 °C) are not uncommon in July and August for Globe. Summertime lows are generally right around 65 °F (18 °C).


What is now known as Globe traces its history back many hundreds of years before the Golden Age. Cliff dwellings at Tonto The Salado Indians first came to the area about 1100 A.D. The Gila Pueblo near Globe was established about two hundred years later, as were the distinctive cliff dwellings at Tonto National Monument.

The Besh-Ba-Gowah ruins in Globe represent perhaps the best opportunity to study the culture of this ancient society. Here the visitor has the opportunity to actually enter these restored anceint dwellings.

The Salado Indians mysteriously disappeared around 1450 A.D. Many years later, the Apache cam to the area, and still remain today. Besh-Ba-GowahThe nearby San Carlos Apache Reservation provides opportunities to experience their culture and enjoy outstanding scenery and recreation.

Globe is host each year to the Apache Days Festival featuring many aspects of Apache culture and an opportunity to purchase their food, baskets, and beautiful works of art.


Weather Information
Month Max High (°F) Max Low  (°F) Avg. Rain (inches)
January 55.0° 32.7° 2.06"
February 60.4° 35.4° 1.25"
March 65.1° 39.5° 1.78"
April 74.7° 47.3° 0.66"
May 84.5° 55.7° 0.25"
June 93.7 64.2° 0.26"
July 97.0° 70.3° 2.34"
August 93.9° 67.9° 3.33"
September 89.7° 62.9° 1.53"
October 78.8° 52.0° 1.07"
November 65.4° 40.5° 1.12"
December 56.5° 34.2° 2.40"
Annual 76.2° Avg. 50.2° Avg. 18.05" Total

Globe, AZ
Population: 7,532
Elevation: 3,510 ft (1,070 m)
Miami, AZ
Population: 1,837
Elevation: 3,402 ft (1,037 m)


Globe, AZ in 1917